Friday, July 6, 2007

Dadness and Friends

A cool event happen this weekend that I need to share. My friend, Spacman Spiff, came over this weekend. He has just finished up a motorcycle ride and want to stop by to see how things were going. You, my dear reader, need some context at this point. Spiff and I first meet right before starting kindergarden...many years ago. Anyhow he was over and he start talking about he hopes that my wife has a boy because he was looking forward to me and him taking him fishing, backpacking, camping, etc like we did when we were little kids. Spiff even talked about our time in Boy Scouts. All I can say is “WOW”. First is was super cool to see Spiff again. Over the last few years we have drifted apart some and second it was very clear that he was excited and looking forward to spending time with my new family, kid and all. I don’t think he really understood what that really meant to me. Regardless of the gender of my child, I hope I do get to spend some time with him/her and Spiff, that would make fatherhood very awesome.

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